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Your pride and joy deserves the very best insurance. Keith Michaels have specific specialist schemes in place designed exclusively for supercar owners.
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92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone

92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone


Supercar Insurance from Keith Michaels

We’ve been providing specialist cover for a range of high-end supercars for over 30 years. Our specialist insurance team are experts in insurance cover and risk management for owners of high-performance supercars.

Our expert advisors will take the time to understand your individual needs and guide you through the process whilst advising on cover, supercar security and risk management.

Supercars Keith Michaels Insure

We specialise in providing competitive insurance solutions for a wide range of supercars including:

We also provide insurance for modified cars, whether this is bodywork modifications, upgraded sound systems, or anything in-between. Find out more about the cars we cover.

We work closely with the UK’s leading high value motor insurance providers, so we can tailor cover to specific requirements and offer competitive premiums. Speak to us today.

The Keith Michaels Difference

  • 30 years’ experience
  • Every customer is treated as an individual, not a policy number
  • We are a UK-based office, not a call centre
  • We are completely independent from any insurance company
  • All policies are looked at on their own merits to find you the best policy available

Supercar Insurance

Why Choose Keith Michaels?

Supercar Insurance

Dedicated Policy Handlers

Christian Wheatley
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Jeremy Pocock
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Supercar Insurance

The Scheme Is Perfect For

Drivers aged 30+ (25 to 29 on referral)

People looking for a policy with no upper car value limit

Individuals with previous driving experience

Supercar Insurance

Discounts For

  • Limited mileage
  • Enhanced vehicle security
  • 2nd or 3rd cars
  • Owners cubs
  • Secure parking access
  • Multi vehicle policies available
Supercar Insurance

Additional Benefits

  • Prestige claims management
  • Premium courtesy car
  • Extended European cover
  • Block/Collections cover available
  • Agreed values available
Supercar Insurance

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Supercar Insurance FAQs

How much does it cost to insure a supercar?

Every policy must be taken on its own merits. We know that every person’s situation is unique and we pride ourselves on crafting bespoke insurance that suits you. For instance, you could qualify for limited mileage supercar insurance. The less you use your supercar, the less risk you will be exposing it to. The result? The same comprehensive cover, but at a lower price.

Will a car tracker reduce my insurance cost?

Car trackers are designed to help protect a car, because they can help facilitate quicker recovery by the police. Many owners of supercars choose to install trackers for their own peace of mind, for this same reason. Most insurance companies will offer lower premiums, because of this extra security.

What can impact the cost of supercar insurance?

We consider supercar insurance for young drivers, so age and experience of the driver is a factor – not just your car model and driving habits. Also, given the specifications of a supercar and its powerful engine, you may prefer to keep your mileage to a minimum. Many supercars are used exclusively as show cars or track day cars and do not undergo the same heavy use as a regular car.

Can I get a tailor-made policy for my supercar, and does it help to have more than 1 vehicle to insure?

Yes, at Keith Michaels we find that many supercar drivers have more than 1 car, and often when you have more vehicles than drivers on the policy, underwriters will look favourably at the risk. Rather than simply use a ‘set price’ we can negotiate on your behalf to have elements of your risk details looked at more sympathetically.