Performance Electric Vehicle (EV) Insurance

Whether you own a performance electric car as an enthusiast driver for the weekend or use it as a daily driver, Keith Michaels will arrange specialist, tailored insurance that can cover you.
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92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone

92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone


High-Performance Electric Car Insurance

Electric vehicles already have high torque, incredible acceleration and ever-developing technology, with many mainstream insurers perceiving them to be higher risk. However, Keith Michaels understands that each performance EV is different, and individually calculate risk, taking into account numerous other factors to save you money.

High-performance cars are owned by enthusiasts who truly care about the car they drive, and often take greater care of their cars than someone who simply drives to get from A to B. Performance EVs are no different, and Keith Michaels recognises that those who own such cars are highly likely to take great pride in their electric cars and really look after them.

What Performance Electric Cars Can Keith Michaels Cover?

While our roster is ever-growing as more cars are released onto the market, we currently cover, but are not limited to:


e-tron Sportback

e-tron Sportback S

e-tron S

e-tron S Sportback

e-tron GT

Aston Martin

Rapide E



i4 M50










Polestar 1

Polestar 2






Model S

Model 3

Model X

Model Y

Specialist EV Insurance Schemes

As a team of car lovers ourselves, we know how important it is to have an insurance policy that covers you appropriately, and even more so, one that is competitive.

We have customers who have stayed with us for many years, simply because our brokers consistently provide them with competitive prices and are fellow enthusiasts themselves. With 30 years of experience in arranging specialist car insurance, our team take a genuine, we hate your car cars, what you use them for and any future cars you plan to get. This dedication shows in your policy, as we take into account all aspects around you and your car to determine a bespoke policy for you.

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The Keith Michaels Difference

  • 30 years’ experience
  • Every customer is treated as an individual, not a policy number
  • We are a UK-based office, not a call centre
  • We are completely independent from any insurance company
  • All policies are looked at on their own merits to find you the best policy available

Why Choose Keith Michaels for Performance EV Car Insurance?

Performance Electric Vehicle (EV) Insurance

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Performance Electric Vehicle (EV) Insurance

The Scheme is perfect for

  • Drivers aged 30+ (25-29 available on referral)
  • Drivers with previous performance car driving experience
  • Drivers with access to more than 1 vehicle
Performance Electric Vehicle (EV) Insurance

Discounts For

  • Limited Mileage
  • Enhanced Vehicle Security
  • 2nd or 3rd Cars
  • Owners’ clubs
  • Secure Parking Access
Performance Electric Vehicle (EV) Insurance


  • Priority Claims Management
  • Specialist Performance EV Team
  • Driving Experience Discounts
  • Staff have over 30 years’ experience in the specialist car insurance market
Performance Electric Vehicle (EV) Insurance

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Performance Electric Vehicle Insurance FAQs

Is it more expensive to insure a performance electric vehicle?

Without a specialist by your side, it can be. Claims costs following an accident can be far higher than standard cars resulting in many insurers unwilling to cover Performance Electric vehicles. With such a drive for performance EVs, mechanics across the country are having to develop a skillset for certain aspects of EV repairs, some parts are more expensive and especially for performance EVs, the current market offering is so small, each repair is somewhat of a learning curve.

Plus, some of the upcoming brands like Rimac, Polestar and other brands that are EV only, make the insurance harder to compare, so quotes are very bespoke.

What counts as a high-performance EV?

High-performance cars are often categorised by insurance groups, and anything over the middle of the scale, around 35 and up, could classify it as high performance.

However, electric vehicles tend to sit at the higher end of the scale anyway, as the initial cost is higher and they have a naturally higher torque, and associated repair costs.

Therefore, categorising performance EVs should come from comparative statistics, such as 0-60 times, top speed and similar specifications.

Are Teslas expensive to insure?

Teslas, in our experience, when compared to other EV-only brands, are more expensive to insure. The Tesla infrastructure and EV design means that parts can only come from Tesla themselves, making the wait and supply to independent garages much longer.

This also makes the parts more expensive as there is only one location to obtain them from, which reduces competitiveness in the parts market. All of these have an effect on the insurance, and makes high street insurers wary of Tesla, which is why Keith Michaels provides specialist Tesla insurance.