How Old Does a Car Have to Be to Be a Classic

How Old Does a Car Have to Be to Be a Classic?

Published: March 1, 2024
Classic cars can be exempt from vehicle excise duty and require specialist classic car insurance and protection. But what makes a car a classic car? And why does it matter? Discover more.

The Best Commercial 4x4s on the Market

The Best Commercial 4x4s on the Market

Published: February 1, 2024
Any commercial 4x4 combines space and practicality with exceptional off-road capability. Read our blog and discover the top 5 commercial 4x4s available on the market today.

Gold Rolls Royce Logo

The World’s Most Expensive Cars

Published: January 15, 2024
Whether it’s a classic Mercedes-Benz racer or a brand-new Rolls Royce, the most expensive cars in the world remain the property of the mega-rich.

mild hybrid cars

Mild Hybrid (MHEV) Cars: Are They Worth It?

Published: November 13, 2023
If fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and enhanced performance are top of your priority list, a mild hybrid car could be the perfect vehicle for you.


Top 7 Best Electric and Hybrid Company Cars for Your Workplace

Published: October 23, 2023
From BMW to Ford, these electric and hybrid company cars offer employers a cheaper alternative to petrol and diesel variants. We’ve explored the 7 best electric and hybrid company cars here. So, what’s the verdict for your workplace?


Hypercar vs Supercar: What’s the Difference?

Published: September 22, 2023
Hypercars and supercars deliver incredible performance, are highly desirable, and are often extremely rare. Find out which characteristics elevate a supercar to hypercar status.

Grey VW with lowered suspension and yellow brake calipers

Lowering Springs vs. Coilovers: What’s Right For You?

Published: September 5, 2023
A lowered suspension is a rite of passage for all keen car modifiers. Not only does it make your car look sleek and sporty, but it offers greater aerodynamics whilst driving. This blog covers everything you need to know about lowering springs and coilovers.

Image of a Datsun 240Z in a vibrant orange

The Top 8 Coolest Japanese Cars Ever Made

Published: August 8, 2023
From timeless classics to modern supercars, explore our list of the coolest Japanese cars ever produced.

Different coloured performance cars parked together

6 Most Powerful Cars on the Market

Published: July 11, 2023
With top speeds that would make your eyes water, these mechanical works of art are the most powerful cars on the market.


A Guide to ANPR Cameras

Published: May 9, 2023
There are over 38.8 million registered cars on UK roads , so keeping the streets safe is a tough job. ANPR cameras are used by law enforcement to do this. But how do they work?

Driving Licence and map

Can You Renew Your UK Driving Licence As An Expat?

Published: March 29, 2023
Renewing a UK driving licence as a UK resident is a simple process – but how easy is it for an expat to renew their UK driving licence? Like most countries, there are strict laws around the issuing of driving licences in the UK and clearly-defined guidelines to follow when submitting an application. However, the […]

10 Must-Have Modifications for Your Toyota GT86

10 Must-Have Modifications for Your Toyota GT86

From alloy wheels to rear diffusers, our selection of 10 must-have modifications evokes even more excitement within your GT86. So, what are you waiting for?

PS vs bhp vs kW – Engine Power Explained

PS vs bhp vs kW – Engine Power Explained

Published: March 17, 2023
Any proud petrolhead will tell you that their car’s power output is often the talk at car meets and car shows. But with measurements of PS, bhp and kW, what does it mean? Learn more here.

Buying a Car in Europe

How to Buy a Car in Europe

Published: January 6, 2023
Buying a car in Europe to import to the UK can be complex and confusing. Read our blog to discover all you need to know about the process from start to finish.

Car free cities (1)

‘Car-Free’ Cities in Europe & the US – What You Need to Know

Published: December 28, 2022
Milan, Hamburg and New York are adopting car-free zones. We cover the things you need to know, and what they might mean, as you plan your move. Learn more here.