Car insurance

Car Insurance with a Criminal Record – The Need to Knows

Published: May 27, 2022
If you’ve got a criminal record, whether driving-related or otherwise, then you’ll need to be aware of how it can affect your insurance. Discover the need-to-knows in our latest blog.

Car keys on a table next to a car insurance policy that has been voided

Why Has My Car Insurance Been Refused, Cancelled or Voided?

Published: April 21, 2022
If you’ve recently had your car insurance quote or policy refused, cancelled, or voided, you may want answers – why did this happen and what should you do next? There are a variety of reasons why a policy might get declined, whether that’s by simple error or in cases where penalties haven’t been disclosed properly.


Everything About Electric Car Modifications

Published: March 10, 2022
Electric cars are here to stay, and presently, the options for customisation may not be as easy as with combustion engines, but there’s still just as much fun to be had. Discover today.

German cars

Why Are German Cars So Good?

Published: February 18, 2022
German engineering is respected all over the world. Whether you’re talking about motorsport heritage, or the way their cars are marketed, there’s something undeniably impressive about German cars. Why, then, are they so good?

Best UK JDM Modified Car Shows in 2022 (1)

Best UK JDM & Modified Car Shows for 2022

Published: January 26, 2022
For owners of modified and Japanese cars, finding people in your daily life who appreciate your pride and joy can be hard. Going to car meets allows you to meet other likeminded car owners, discuss mods and take inspiration. Whether it’s a small regional meet or a nationwide event, there’s something for everyone. Discover the best of 2022 here.


UK Driving Laws You (Probably) Didn’t Know Existed

Published: January 18, 2022
We’ve compiled some lesser-known driving laws, so have a read on for some driving rules that you (probably) didn’t know existed.

Team legacy 2021

Team Legacy’s Most Successful Season to Date

Published: November 15, 2021
Team Legacy had their best season to date, with Damien taking 2nd at the European HillClimb Masters. As key sponsors, we’re delighted to be supporting them.

electric car range anxiety

How to Eliminate Electric Car Range Anxiety

Published: November 5, 2021
Many potential electric car buyers are put off due to anxiety over the cars’ range. Read our blog to understand the situation, and how to abate these fears.

Modified cars

What Car Modifications Devalue & Increase Value the Most?

Published: September 28, 2021
Modified car experts at Keith Michaels discuss all the modifications that increase and devalue cars. Find out more before starting your modification project.


What is Hypermiling & Will it Harm Your Car?

Published: September 16, 2021
Hypermiling is a technique used to drive in the most fuel-efficient manner possible. Discover how you can implement it, and the key facts you should know.

E10 petrol compatibility

E10 Petrol Brought Into UK From September 2021: Is Your Car Compatible?

Published: August 25, 2021
E10 petrol will be supplied in petrol stations across the UK from September 2021, in an effort to cut down the country’s carbon emissions. E10 will become the default type of petrol at forecourts, however not all vehicles are compatible with the fuel. We take a closer look at the implications of moving over to E10 petrol, and at E10 petrol compatible cars in the UK.

buying a car from auction

Buying A Car from Auction: A Buyer’s Guide

Published: August 12, 2021
Whether you’re after a bargain, or a just like to collect different models and makes of cars, you can find inspiration at a car auction. Read here for more.

Keyless Car Theft

5 Ways To Prevent Keyless Entry Theft

Published: July 5, 2021
With new forms of technology to beat the criminals, it might be time to investigate ways to prevent keyless entry theft.


An Adventurer’s Guide to Green Laning in a 4×4

Published: June 18, 2021
The UK countryside has a reputation for its lesser travelled paths, stunning views and boundless opportunity for adventure. From afar, Britain can look like an impressive scene of sloping hills and non-descript lanes that zag endlessly through its variety of landscapes. For off-roaders, the temptation to explore has never felt more exciting. These nondescript tracks […]


How to (Confidently) Return to Driving After a Break

Published: June 11, 2021
For anyone, returning to driving after a long break can seem daunting. The combination of coordination, alertness and concentration required behind the wheel can be hard to remember and feel tiring after a break. From new road rules to shaken confidence, making a return to driving after a break is not always easy.