June 3, 2024

It’s Not You, It’s Your Land Rover

It’s Not You, It’s Your Land Rover Header Image

Land Rovers and Range Rovers have become increasingly hard to insure in recent years. For many owners, it can be tough to see the cost of insurance increase or be denied insurance for a vehicle that was previously insurable. Here at Keith Michaels, we are regularly contacted by people looking for insurance for their Land Rover or Range Rover, and while we try our best to place everyone with insurance, it’s not always possible.

We’ve put this blog together to help you understand why you may have been rejected from your insurance cover. Every decision is different, and each policy is uniquely tailored to you, but we hope this article will provide valuable insight into the issues we as brokers have with getting insurance policies for Land Rovers and Range Rovers.

Why are Land Rovers and Range Rovers Increasingly Harder to Insure?

It may seem like insurers are being difficult when they refuse to insure your Land Rover, but unfortunately, there are many reasons why an insurer may be unwilling to provide cover to even the most insurable people! The main reason is the rampant theft of Land Rovers and Range Rovers, all of which the below lean into.

1.   Vulnerable Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless entry systems have been a security risk for many years now. Using a variety of simple methods including relay boxes and OBD devices, thieves have been able to unlock cars on driveways in a matter of seconds, and without triggering the alarm system. Re-mapping and re-cloning the keys are also relatively simple which is another tactic used by thieves.

As the video shows, Land Rovers and Range Rovers with keyless entry are easy to steal in under a minute.

JLR (Jaguar Land Rover, the parent company) has been working to reduce the amount of thefts due to keyless entry, and cars built after 2018 have been offered a complimentary security upgrade which JLR is urging all eligible owners to take up. However, for cars older than 2018, these options aren’t available, despite keyless entry being around since 2015 on some models.

2.   High-Profile Incidents Spook Insurers

It’s not just the ease of theft that has meant Land/Range Rovers are a higher risk for insurers. There’s been a series of high-profile incidents involving both Land/Range Rovers that have led to insurers being wary of the risks.

Last summer’s tragic incident that took the lives of two eight-year-olds at a school in Wimbledon involved a Land Rover.

Then, the Luton airport car park fire from 2023 was believed to have been caused by a diesel Range Rover, and the fire in 2017 at Liverpool’s Echo Arena was also caused by a Land Rover. In the case of these large fires, the damage caused has been gargantuan, with thousands of cars at each incident severely affected.

A string of incidents involving Land/Range Rovers such as these has therefore left insurers wary, and unsurprisingly so with these cars making headlines for the wrong reasons.

It’s Not You, It’s Your Land Rover

3.   Location, Location, Location

This isn’t the Phil and Kirstie type of location, instead, certain areas are seen as more desirable by thieves looking to steal these highly-desirable vehicles and move them overseas, and fast.

Cities and large urban areas are considered bigger risks as they see higher car theft rates than rural areas. This is often because cars are parked on roads and unsecured driveways rather than in garages or lock-ups. With a keyless entry system, all that is needed is a relay box and a key left too close to the door and thieves have a high chance of success.

If you only have on-street parking where you live, you may find that your chance of being rejected from insurance is higher.

Another location factor is the proximity to a port. If your Land/Range Rover can be quickly shoved in a container and sent overseas, then the risk of theft is higher. If you live in an urban or port city, then you may find you are seen as too high of a risk for insurers, and this may be why you have been rejected from insurance.

As these cars are so susceptible to theft, insurers are finding many that are being stolen away from the home at places of work, public car parks, supermarkets, and other easily accessible places. Even the greatest home security can’t alleviate this and remains a continuing obstacle for providing cover.

Remember, It’s the Car, Not You

There’s a lot of complex factors behind why Land Rovers and Range Rovers can be insurance nightmares, and each risk profile is different. The industry as a whole is working hard to do what it can to make it easier for owners to get insured on their cars.

For now, be prepared for high premiums or denied coverage while the industry figures out ways that Land Rovers and Range Rovers can be insured and what can be done to make this easier.