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Here is a list of selected frequently asked questions about car insurance. If you have any questions or are looking for help in reducing the cost of your car insurance cover, give us a call on 0845 337 3380 (BT Local Rate).

What is NCB?

NCB – No Claims Bonus is a discount to your premium based on your insurance history. This can increase to a maximum discount of between 60% for 4 years to 70% for up to 9 years without claims. If you decide to take out a car insurance policy with us, you’ll need to provide evidence of your no claim discount, which must have been earned on a private insurance policy.

What is an excess?

Excess is the extra cost you will have to pay in the event of a claim being made by you to your insurer. However, if the claim was due to an accident that was not your fault then you may be able to claim this excess back.

I have several points on my licence, am I eligible for car insurance cover?

We have hundreds of car insurance policies from over 50 insurers. This allows us to find you the best deal, whatever your personal circumstances.

Can I have car insurance for a personally imported car?

Yes, but only if the car is, or is going to be registered by the authorities in the UK. We can cater for models not supplied to the UK, for example a multitude of Imported Japanese vehicles.

Will my car insurance cover my modifications?

Yes, provided that you are honest and inform us of all the modifications, we can offer an insurance policy that will cover those modifications like for like as we have schemes in place that are aimed specifically at these vehicles.

Can I pay by instalments for my car insurance?

We accept instalments via Direct Debit, to make paying for your car insurance as easy as possible.

Can I get a discount for my driving history without a proven ‘No claims bonus’?

Yes. We cater for drivers who have a previous history but are unable to supply proof from another insurance company. For example, a previous Company Car driver, a Named driver on another policy, Foreign driving history, Fleet drivers, etc.

Can I get a discount if I have any security fittings?

Alarms and immobilisers fitted to vehicles often qualify for discounts (although many cars are now required to have them by certain insurers). Thatcham approved security systems and Trackers are greatly encouraged.

Would my policy allow me to drive in Europe?

Yes, many of our insurers include driving in Europe without reference to ourselves. Please ensure your policy documentation covers this. If not, do contact us.

Can I get a family fleet insurance policy?

Two or more vehicles can be accommodated under a family fleet insurance policy including a mix of vehicles, e.g. one vehicle is a car and the other a van etc.

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