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Keith Michaels can provide insurance for all models in the extensive Audi range, including performance and modified vehicles. Our specialist brokers will source you a competitive insurance quote.
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92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone

92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone


Keith Michaels are specialist brokers for Audi S and RS Car Insurance. Our in house collection of insurance experts will review the best offers for the make and derivative of your Audi S or RS. Whether it is an Audi S4 or Audi RS, our dedicated team of experts are always there to find the policy that’s right for you. Look no further for Audi S and RS Car insurance than Keith Michaels Insurance PLC who have been providing performance car insurance for over 20 years.

Audi, instantly recognisable by the four ring emblem on the front and back of their cars, are among the worlds most glamorous and prestigious car brands. Rising in popularity the world over, the Audi is one of the better performing brands under the Volkswagen Umbrella. Keith Michaels excel in Car insurance for performance or specialist cars. The Audi RS and S range are no exception. We can insure competitively for any of the following:

Modified Audi Car Insurance

Audi’s cars are popular recipients of aftermarket modifications. We are experts in modified Audi car insurance and are able to tailor your quote to suit your unique circumstances.

For any of the below, or for the many previous Audis made over the years, please do call or contact us for your performance Audi car insurance and speak to a specialist broker who can advise on our various performance car insurance policies.

Please follow this link to the official Audi website.

Audi A1 Car Insurance

The A1 is Audi’s premium super mini, built on VW’s Polo platform. The A1 3 door hatchback was originally introduced in 2010 followed by the 5 door Sportback followed in 2012. Its engine capacities range from a 1.0 litre FSI and range up to the 2.0 TDI. The A1 is popular because it combines the […]

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Audi A3 Car Insurance

The Audi A3 comes in four styles: the 3 door hatchback, 5 door sport back, convertible cabriolet and compact executive saloon. Due to its extensive customisation options the A3 has broad appeal. In addition to body styles the engine sizes are fully customisable from the 1.2 litre right up to the 2.0 litre available as […]

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Audi A4 Car Insurance

The Audi A4 is Audi’s line of compact executive cars. It has long been Audi’s most popular car and provides a perfect blend of good design and understated luxury. Unlike its rivals the Jaguar XE, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class; the A4 offers lower service cost and better real world mpg. The Audi A4 […]

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Audi A5 Car Insurance

The Audi A5 has been through two successive generations. The first ran from 2007 to 2016 with the second arriving on the roads toward the end of 2016. The A5 range comes in three body styles: coupe, cabriolet and Sportback. The A5’s understated styling has played a part in the brand’s popularity. Audi’s intricate knowledge […]

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Audi A6 Car Insurance

The Audi A6 is currently in its 4th generation. It’s sleek and stylish without being ostentatious. The A6 is a luxurious and immersive car, the successor to the Audi 100 Flagship. It was first introduced in 1994 and had its most recent facelift in 2010. The Audi A6 now sits in the middle of Audi’s […]

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Audi A7 Car Insurance

The Audi A7 is fast, luxurious and comfortable. Its coupé styling and frameless doors hide the fact that it is in reality a five door Sport-back. This means that the A7 not only looks incredible but it’s practical too. The A7 is often considered an affordable rival to the Porsche Panamera, but its closest equivalent […]

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Audi A8 Car Insurance

The A8 is currently in its third generation. It was released in 1988 to replace the Audi V8 luxury all wheel drive saloon. The A8 is Audi’s understated flagship. When it was introduced it was the first mass market car to have an aluminium space frame chassis. The A8 is a staple among discerning customers […]

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Audi Q2 Car Insurance

The Audi Q2 was released in November 2016 ready for the 2017 model year. The Q2 fits into the compact crossover market and is roughly comparable with the Mini Countryman, Mercedes-Benz GLA and BMW X1. The crossover market has been hot in the UK for some time now and Audi offers a vehicle which combines […]

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Audi Q3 Car Insurance

The Audi Q3 is Audi’s popular crossover, a blend between a hatchback and an SUV. It has the appeal of Audi’s premium brand, classy interiors and industry leading technology. It was originally introduced in 2011. The cars extras are class leading from quarto all wheel drive, to s-tronic gear boxes there is something for every […]

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Audi Q5 Car Insurance

The Audi Q5 is the Q3’s bigger brother. It is a premium crossover SUV with a wide choice of petrol and diesel engines. It was launched in 2008 and is part of the reason Audi has been doing so well ever since. It ticks all the boxes: fuel economy, ride position, comfort, practicality and technology. […]

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Audi Q7 Car Insurance

The Audi Q7 is Audi’s 7 seat luxury flag ship SUV. Currently it is in its second generation, it is lighter and more efficient than the first; Audi say they have shed as much weight as a grand piano. That 325kg makes a substantial difference and the new Q7 is a new car entirely. The […]

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Audi TT Car Insurance

The original Audi TT was iconic unveiled in 1998 its quirky styling made it a hit with a wide demographic and made Audi the one to watch when it came to car design. The roadster won numerous accolades worldwide; its unique styling and affordability made it a popular choice among savvy drivers. The cars inimitable […]

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