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The Mitsubishi GTO was produced in Japan between 1990 and 2001 and when sold abroad was re-badged as the 3000GT. These were the days Mitsubishi 3000GTwhen all the Japanese car manufacturers were trying to outdo each other with top of the range and highly technical cars.

The Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline and Mazda RX7 were obvious examples. 4 wheeled drive, 4 wheel steering, active aerodynamics, electronic suspension, pop-up headlights – much is common today but this was on a car over 20 years ago. Consequently few exist on the road today in top condition, but those that do are prized by their owners.

We insure these cars either with our Mitsubishi insurance or cherished car insurance. The cars are at an age now where they qualify for special policies.

Add to this a V6 3.0 litre, 24 valve, twin turbo engine producing between 280 and 300 bhp, you have a very potent machine. This increased to over 320bhp with the 2nd generation model after a couple of years which was needed in a car of 1.7 tonnes. These cars do have a loyal following in the UK and many have had modifications done to them – we are more than happy with this but just need to know what has been done. A well looked after example can be a great car, but just be aware that it has more gizmos on it than just about any other car of its age which can potentially go wrong.

We at Keith Michaels are very well known for our Japanese import car insurance and our policies for the 3000GT and GTO are no exception. Please do call and speak to someone in our office who will know all about the car.


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