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92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone


The Mazda RX7 is a front engined, rear wheeled drive sports coupe powered by a 1300cc turbocharged rotary engine. It was quite simply one of the best ever coupes which had a huge following – over 800,000 cars made! We have been providing Mazda RX7 insurance for over 20 years now, for both UK and imported cars and are extremely well known for this cover, as we are with all Mazda insurance.

Although produced from 1978 to 2002, not many of the original cars exist today in good condition and it tends to be the 3rd generation car made from 1992 that we concentrate on. The RX7 had anywhere from 255 to 280 bhp in this time, and far more was available in the hands of a good engine tuner. The continuous surge of power was provided by 2 sequential turbochargers which coupled with a weight of only 1280 kgs, made the RX7 an extremely rapid car. Some also argued that it was the finest handling car of its type around.

In the UK the Mazda RX7 was sold in a more basic form and consequently a huge number came over from Japan as grey imports. Japanese import car insurance has been a large part of what we do at Keith Michaels for years now and Mazda RX7 insurance has been a big part of that. This is a car that can be extensively modified (as many have) and we build this into our contracts. It is for the experienced driver only though, as those bought up on a diet of modern front wheel drive cars may get a shock when trying out the RX7!

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