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92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone


Made between 1979 and 2002, it is the Mk 3 and Mk 4 models that are by far the most popular in the UK (1986 onwards). Originally styled on the Celica is was in 1986 that the car took its own distinctive shape, with an inline 6 cylinder engine derived from the superb Toyota 2000GT.

Toyota Supra MK 3

The Mk III model was powered by a 3.0 litre engine with the option of a turbocharged version added in 1987. This was a grand tourer car and was designed for comfort and cruising as much as performance. Engine head bolts aside, the car was very reliable and soon built up a large following, especially with the large number of imported cars to the UK (the author can confirm this having taken a turbo version to the French Alps and back with no problems!). Over 100,000 Mk III cars were produced and a large number with a manual gearbox which appealed to the enthusiast driver. As the MK III is now over 20 years old, a good conditioned car could well qualify for our cherished car insurance which can mean big premium savings.

Toyota Supra MK 4

The Mk IV was introduced in 1992 and had a production run of 10 years. In its day the car dropped jaws as it was just the most amazing car around. Both engines received some serious work with the turbo now producing about 280bhp. UK cars had 320bhp which was enough to make the car a serious performer and bring 0-60 times down to below 5 seconds – extremely impressive for a car of this size. Sequential turbo (like the Mazda RX7) gave the car a sense of urge right through the rev range and put it into Nissan Skyline territory. Sitting in the turbo version with its wrap around interior and 6 speed box really gave the driver a sense of control and is still special to this day. This is a performance car and we therefore want our Toyota insurance customers to have a certain level of maturity and experience to be covered.

Many of these cars, especially the MK 4, have now been extensively modified to increase performance even further with some being real head turners. We are passionate ourselves about the Toyota Supra and would love to discuss insuring your car by combining our Toyota insurance and modified car insurance schemes. We appreciate what can be done to these cars and often the modifications have no effect on the rate we charge – we just need to know what has been carried out so there is no dispute in the event of a claim.

Many of these cars were originally imported from Japan as grey imports and this is an area which we at Keith Michaels are extremely well known for. If you need Japanese Import car insurance then please do call and speak to one of our experts.

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