May 24, 2012

BMW are Top Car Brand

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In the annual survey of the top 100 vehicle brands, BMW have regained their crown at the top of the tree. Toyota had held that position in 2011 but various factors have caused their slide such as the manufacturing problems following last year’s tsunami.

1. BMW $24.6

2. Toyota $21.8

3. Mercedes $16.1

4. Honda $12.7

5. Nissan $9.9

6. VW $8.5

7. Ford $7.0

8. Audi $4.7

9. Hyundai $3.6

10.Lexus $3.4

4 German manufacturers appear in the top 10 helped primarily by their very strong export growth to China which is rapidly expanding its demand for all performance cars and prestige cars. 4 Japanese car makers also appear on the list which is testament to their continued quality product.

To keep things in perspective though, Apple’s brand value stands at £$183!