May 23, 2012

Fiat Abarth 695 Ferrari

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Performance cars come in all shapes and sizes and the Fiat Abarth is no exception. We are enthusiasts and it is great to see what they can come up with. So the idea of a £30,000 500 Abarth may seem extravagant but we love it all the same.

The Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari as it is called will be limited in number but Fiat claim to have taken 1,700 orders by august last year alone which just goes to show how keen the buying public still is for performance cars. To be honest, this car is far more Fiat build than Ferrari, which is to be expected, but at least they have put 180bhp under the bonnet to make it that little bit more ‘special’. we also think it looks great and should be a real hoot in the right hands.

The whole car just has that sportier feel starting with the gorgeous Ferrari paint job, 17″ alloys, stiffened suspension, Brembo brakes, Monza exhaust, and a paddle shift 5 speed semi-auto gearbox. All this contributes to really mark this car out form the standard model and one we would be very keen to provide performance car insurance for. This is no doubt the best looking Fiat Abarth out there (except maybe the new Maserati version).

For those who have driven the car say the engine note on start-up is superb, and once you have mastered the slightly slow gear selection, the car is a joy to drive. A 0-60 time in under 7 seconds does mark out this little performance car even if the ride is somewhat solid – but then who minds that when the car looks this good?

Only about 150 right hand drive models have been produced so supply is limited – you could always get a standard red car and add the badges but that would just seem to miss the point somewhat. If you want an exclusive performance car car that stands out from the crowd then the 695 Abarth Ferrari looks like a good bet.