May 23, 2012

New Land Rover Defender Concept

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The Land Rover Defender has been with us since the 1950s and remains the most rugged vehicle in the world. So coming up with a redesign is going to be a heck of a job. You need to keep its distinctive looks in order to mark it out as something different and it needs to retain its amazing off-road ability. It is a slow but very solid car which is why they are now popular with members of the 4×4 buying public, and very reasonable for Land Rover insurance due to their few number of claims and safety for passengers.

The new design is just one on offer and follows the ethos of other car makers such as Porsche, Mini and VW – why change something that has been so successful over the years? A choice of engine types, interchangeable body panels, completely washable interior and a rugged ladder framed chassis are the main points to this car and are what make it interesting.

Unlike other Prestige cars you will be able to change body parts at will – if you want side windows rather than the solid ones for a bit then you can. A canvas roof instead of the solid one for the summer – no problem. Solar panels? The idea of a convertible Land Rover will certainly appeal to many and we think this looks like a great concept and one we hope goes in production.