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92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone


It seems hard to believe that the Boxster has been with us since 1996. Many enthusiasts were not happy when the Boxster was first introduced as they deemed it as not a true Porsche, but the car now has a very firm place in the manufacturers line-up and is widely regarded as the best 2 seats convertible on the market. We have been arranging Porsche insurance for these cars since the original 986 model and look forward to covering the new 981 version.

Porsche Boxster 986

The car that started off the legend! This first generation model was powered by the flat 6 cylinder engine displacing 2.5 litres. Although originally ‘only’ having just over 200 bhp, the Boxster has had numerous engine upgrades over the years, with engine capacity increasing to 2.7 litres and 3.2 litres for the S model. The final special edition 986 came with over 260 bhp which was a 25% increase over the original car. What marked the 986 out above the opposition was the superb handling (being a mid engined car) and its near perfect weight distribution. Porsche reliability also came as standard and as such, many of these cars are still in use today.

Porsche Boxster 987

The 2nd generation Boxster was introduced in 2005 with the main differences being cosmetic – new lights, wheel arches, wheels, etc. The interior was also a big improvement with a move to a more circular theme. Engines were again gradually improved, from a 2.7 litre putting out 240 bhp to the final 3.4 litre S version producing 310! This put it firmly into 911 territory and would explain why Porsche have never equipped the car with a limited slip differential – performance has its limit when competing against another model in the range.

Following on from the huge success of the Boxster, Porsche have produced a number of ‘special’ editions such as the RS60 and the Spyder.

Porsche Boxster 981

How do you make a great car even better? In 2012 Porsche introduced the 981 with design cues taken straight from the Carrera GT, both on the interior and exterior. With 2 engine versions producing either 265 or 315 bhp, and with the PDK gearbox as an option, this car will now reach 60mph in about 5.5 seconds! The Boxster has moved on hugely but retains its dynamic handling and is still the ultimate genuine sports convertible on the market today.

No one can now argue that the Boxster now doesn’t deserve its place in the Porsche line-up and will no doubt become their biggest volume seller in the UK.

They easily qualify for Performance car insurance and we would love to quote you for your car.

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Porsche Boxster Car Insurance

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Porsche Boxster Performance

Engine:2480 cc (2.5-litre)
Driven Wheels:Rear
Power (bhp):204
Torque (ld/ft):149
0 – 60 (mph):5.8 Seconds
Top Speed (mph):149
Kerb Weight (kg):1,250

Porsche Boxster Costs

CO2 Emissions (g/km)239
Tax Band:K
Insurance Group:44

Porsche Boxster Models:

  • Boxster 986 (1996-2004)
  • 550 Spyder 50th Aniversary Edition (2004)
  • Boxster 987 (2004)
  • Boxster Spyder (2009)
  • Boxster 981 (2012)
  • 981 Boxster Spyder (2012)