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At last Jaguar have finally got the F Type to production and what a beautiful car it is. As before, this is a new Ian Cullum designed 2 seat car which has received excellent revues from the motoring journalist press. We are extremely pleased about the release of this car and are very keen to provide the Jaguar F Type insurance.

Based on the Jaguar XK chassis, the new F Type has a welded, bonded and riveted aluminium body built in the UK. A low drag co-efficient makes the car very slippery through the air, helping the somewhat heavy car (1.6 tonnes for the base model) achieve its potential. The proper fabric top engages in 12 seconds and lets the car look just as good with the roof up as well as down – something a lot of cars fail to achieve.

Our Jaguar F Type insurance will be aimed at all of the F Type models currently revealed to be coming early next year, with the idea that if Jaguar do decide to bring out the coupe versions we will have a solid base of insurance premiums available to provide for those too. So far there is the three models set to come out, the base model V6, the V6 S and the 5.0litre V8 that looks to top the range. The base model is set to be released at around the £60,000 mark and for that you can expect a 3.0litre V6 that will be pushing out a reasonable 335hp and 332lb ft which will burst from 0-60mph in 5.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 161mph, whilst economy stats show you will get 31.4mpg with CO2 emissions of 209g/km. The Second of the V6 models is the ‘S’ which is probably our favourite of the three. Figures suggest it will have 375hp and 339lp ft and the 0-60 on this will be completed in 4.8 seconds with a top speed of 171mph, you will again hit the 31mpg mark and CO2 emissions of 213g/kg. Now the turn of the beastly 5.0litre V8 that is set to roll out of showrooms for around £100,000 when all available “packs” are added. Figures so far tell us you will see a mean 488hp out of this engine and 460lb ft with an impressive 186mph top speed. As you would expect with the biggest version of the Jaguar F Type you are getting a lot less distance out of a tank with only 25.6mpg and your emissions shoot up to 259g/km. The V8 is also set to come with differences to the exterior, the most noticeable the quad exhaust over the V6’s center placed twin exhaust.

Jaguar F Type insurance can be affected by many different aspects of the car, one of which being the transmission, and there is rumour that there may be a manual F Type on the market after we see the original automatic version hit the streets. For the moment all models come with ZF’s excellent eight-speed automatic transmission driving the rear wheels via a mechanical limited-slip differential on the V6S and an electronic diff on the V8.

With Jaguar earning a reputation over recent years for a failure to sell cars, bosses are hoping that a route back into the sports car market could be a way to get their name back among the top dogs. The only problem Jaguar are going to have here is that one car will not save a company reputation, they will need a whole fleet of new and exciting cars from saloons to SUV’s that will broaden horizons and draw the crowds back in. Jaguar F Type insurance will be something that we will be keen to lead the market in and in future we are hoping for a set of new challenges for Jaguar Insurance with new models available that will bring back the once sterling reputation of the Jaguar family.

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The Jaguar F type is a popular model for aftermarket modifications. We are experts in modified car insurance and are able to tailor your quote to suit your unique circumstances.

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