May 16, 2014

There’s No Comparison when it Comes to Specialist Motor Insurance

There’s No Comparison when it Comes to Specialist Motor Insurance Header Image

We’ve all seen the adverts for insurance comparison sites; the robot, opera singer and the Meerkats. They successfully get people visiting their sites to look for competitive car insurance. These comparison sites allow consumers to view and compare quotes from multiple car insurance providers and try to find the best value for their money, and in next to no time. Yet three out of every five of us don’t trust them, especially when searching for modified car insurance.

Some people’s mistrust comes from the limited range of insurance companies that are included, whereas others believe that listings are bias and favour particular insurance suppliers. Some of us worry that we don’t receive cover to the full value of our modifications, which is often the case. Because of these concerns, consumers still contact specialist car insurance brokers, especially for high performance or modified car insurance. This is because specialist car insurance brokers, like Keith Michaels, treat each policy individually in order to get the most tailored deal.

Motorists may not contact specialist car insurance brokers because they think it will take too long to generate car insurance quotes or be too expensive, but in actual fact it can often end up saving both time and money. We deliver bespoke policies based on the individual and their driving history to ensure we offer the most competitive car insurance possible. We tailor each policy to the individual, ensuring that they get the correct cover for their modified car. Keith Michaels are determined to find each customer the best policy with the best premiums, whether they’re looking for performance car insurance, modified car insurance or any other high risk car insurance.