April 29, 2014

Oops I did it again

Oops I did it again Header Image

I was talking to a lady on the train from London to Surrey a while ago. Not knowing that I was an insurance broker, she told me the story of why she was taking the train. After 26 years of driving, she had received four driving convictions all within three years of each other. She received a TT99 conviction for totting up points on her licence and got a driving ban for six months. But that wasn’t why she was on the train.

Her first incident was a week after getting a second hand car when she was pulled over for having bald tyres, shocked because it passed the MOT only a month before. A few months later she got a speeding ticket for going 38mph in a 30 zone, not 50 meters out of the 40 zone. A year later she got caught inadvertently making an illegal right turn in a small town in Hampshire. The following summer while driving back from London on the M3 she got caught by an average speed camera. She didn’t know those additional 3 points would result in a TT99 conviction and a six month driving ban.

Her ban ended a year ago and she was looking for car insurance for people with points through comparison sites, but they all had high premiums. The cheapest car insurance premium she could find was still too expensive for her, but she needed her car for work. She needed it to travel to see clients, so she got insured quickly.

Despite having 26 years worth of no claims bonus, she couldn’t find extensive cover with a low premium because of her disqualification. She told me she had recently achieved a transfer and began working with more local clients, making her dependant on her car for work. She wasn’t having any luck looking for cheap car insurance for disqualified drivers so she had reluctantly decided to give up her car, which is why she was taking the train home. It was at this point I told her that I specialised in provided convicted driver car insurance for a living.

The following week she rang my colleague and took the time to tell him her story. After he learnt about her driving history, he gave her a quote. She was delighted at how much more affordable her car insurance was compared to before and now she can drive to work again.

At Keith Michaels, we understand that mistakes happen and anyone can pick up points on their licence. We work hard to provide cheap car insurance for those drivers who are looking to move on from their convictions or disqualifications.