April 23, 2014

Business Car Insurance… Do You Need It?

Business Car Insurance… Do You Need It? Header Image

If you use your car for business purposes, you may not be covered by private car insurance.

Business purposes could include minor activities that people don’t consider, such as travelling to a meeting or another work premises. Some individuals believe they need private insurance because their car is registered in their name. Unfortunately, personal policies only cover the policy holder for social, domestic and commuting uses and not business use. This means that if the vehicle is being used for any business purposes, such as running errands or delivering and collecting goods for a company, a private insurance policy may not be valid.

A company or business car insurance policy may be necessary if the vehicle is owned or leased by a company. It may also be necessary, if the vehicle is used by other employees. The line between when personal and company car insurance is appropriate can sometimes be difficult to see, so people be unaware that they’re driving without proper insurance. This is why Keith Michaels encourages anyone unsure about business car insurance to give them a call to find out.

With over 25 years of providing business and company car insurance, Keith Michaels work to provide the best cover at competitive prices. Keith Michaels’ experienced staff provides ongoing support to ensure minimal inconveniences. By treating each customer as a person and not a policy number, each policy is tailored for that customer. This means that the most suitable cover is arranged because each policy’s underwriting is unique to that customer.

Keith Michaels also has over 20 years of experience in motor fleet insurance, which can benefit your company greatly regardless of its size. Fleet car insurance can be arranged for as little as two cars under one policy. Fleet insurance can benefit companies by saving them money on premiums, and reduces hassle for their admin team, for instance by only having one renewal date to remember.

Give Keith Michaels a call and make sure you’re covered.

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