April 15, 2014

Fast, Furious and Modified – Stay Street Legal?

Fast, Furious and Modified – Stay Street Legal? Header Image

As car enthusiasts we all want to improve our cars, modify them and make them unique. We enjoy working on them, getting our hands dirty when adjusting the suspension or replacing the air filter. There’s a feeling of accomplishment when we work on our cars, a feeling that there are no worries besides our car. We don’t think about the negatives, and continue to plough money into our pride and joys. Just ensure your modified  car is properly insured.

Recently there was a police sting in Ipswich that targeted modified car owners.  It was set up to identify if peoples cars were street legal and the modifications properly declared in their car insurance policies. Many policies were identified as void and the drivers received a fine for driving without valid insurance policy.  This goes to show some people are still not aware that by not declaring their modifications, their insurance policy can become invalid and cancelled in the event of an accident.

A car insurance company that specialises in modified car insurance will make sure our cars are covered to their full value. They will ensure that we don’t receive stock part replacements in the event of an accident, as is the case with some general insurers. We should declare all of our modifications because we want our cars to be protected.  Keith Michaels understand the passion behind modifying, and also know that many of our customers modifications don’t increase their premiums as much as they thought.

So  look at your policy today, take the time to speak with your insurer about your modifications. Tell them about your engine mapping, the modified air filter and even the aftermarket audio system, to ensure your covered for everything. Then rest assured that your car is perfectly street legal.