May 20, 2014

Providing Fair Car Insurance for Ex Company Car Drivers

Providing Fair Car Insurance for Ex Company Car Drivers Header Image

Been driving a company car for years and now want your own, but the insurance seems to be too expensive? All too often we get enquiries from people who can’t find cheap car insurance policies because they had access to a company car. They can only find quotes with a high premium. We don’t see the justice in being quoted a high premium after driving for years without an incident. This is why we have a number of ex company car driver insurance policies to ensure we provide the fairest cover possible.

A recent customer we acquired was a salesman in the South East of England for over ten years, driving across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and London on a daily basis. He told us that he had recently received a promotion and now runs the sales department, based in Surrey. Unfortunately he was removed from the company car scheme at work and now received an allowance to purchase or hire a private car, but he couldn’t find any reasonable car insurance quotes due to not having a no claims certificate.

This is where we thrived. Knowing he had been driving his ex company car for ten years without a claim, we were able to offer him a discount that would mirror a no claims bonus and significantly reduce his premium. All we needed was confirmation of his driving history from his employer, then we could provide him with our lowest possible quote.

He was so thrilled that we could provide him with cheap car insurance that he rang back later that afternoon.  We were able to place him on instant cover, so when he picked up his new car after work he was already covered by our ex company car driver insurance policy.

At Keith Michaels we treat each customer as an individual, allowing us to provide the best car insurance for ex company car drivers possible and at excellent rates. People looking for ex company car insurance, after years of driving, shouldn’t be rewarded with high premiums, which is why we are committed to supplying these drivers with affordable car insurance policies. View our ex company car insurance page for more information or Get a quote.