February 12, 2013

The Nissan 370z..by Nismo

The Nissan 370z..by Nismo Header Image

The Nissan 370z is an impressive car, and over the years it has always continued to have an ever growing fan base as the GT-R’s younger brother. With recent images surfacing from Nismo, it looks like it’s time to take another look at the latest of the Nissan 370z range in order to understand it’s full potential.

With the original Nissan 370z V6 in place we expect that Nismo will apply a tweak to the ECU and exhaust system in order to create an extra 16hp on top of the previous models current BHP. Nissan say that the Nismo version of this car may not sound so great on paper, but with the brake hoses & fluids from the new GT-R you will notice the difference within throttle response and handling. Improved aerodynamics on the new Nissan 370z also make a difference and although not making the car as pretty as previous models, you can expect an increase in speed once again.

All in all this is an impressive upgrade and will add nicely the to the performance of an already impressive Nissan 370z. The only downside will be the price tag attached to the Nissan with estimates of £40,000, although having said it’s a downside you’re getting a lot for your money and it’s a massive £10,000 cheaper than the current Porsche
Cayman…not so bad after all!

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