February 6, 2013

Toyota GT86 GT4

Toyota GT86 GT4 Header Image

With recent news revealing the release of the new BRZ entering the GT3000 competition over in Japan, it seems that Toyota were planning on making sure that they weren’t left far behind in terms of performance and have revealed that they will be testing the GT86 GT4 on a UK track this year in order to knock the MX-5 GT4 off the top spot in it’s respective field.

The competition-spec machine is powered by a turbocharged version of the GT86’s direct injection 2.0-litre ‘Boxer’ engine, this will take the Toyota GT86 GT4 to between 360hp and 400hp which is a vast improvement on the standard car. This will all be made possible by the team of engineers responsible for two F1 world championships, also known as Nicholson McLaren Engines. The Toyota teams aren’t entirely sure what the total output will be as of yet, hence why there will be testing done in order to work out any issues with the chassis and balancing around the track.

Although we do not feel this is as aesthetically pleasing as the BRZ super GT, the GT86 again is an impressive looking car that will certainly have a following once it finally is on the track. Add to that the Toyota GT86 GT4 has shown just what is possible with little effort on the current engine used in the standard GT86, this should be enough to get a lot of petrol heads attention in the near future.

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