October 9, 2012

The New Golf GTI Concept

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It’s fair to say that when it comes to unveiling new cars, Volkswagen are up there with the best at attracting the attention their way. As per usual they have done it again with the new Golf GTI concept that they revealed to the public at the Paris motor show not so long ago.

With all Volkswagen models recently there has been a seriously cool look about them. The Golf GTI, the Polo collection and even the Up are vehicles that ooze style and it seems the trend is carrying on with the new Golf GTI. After early looks at the vehicle, we are lead to believe that Volkswagen are promising a release across Europe early next year and in the UK towards the summer. The Golf GTI is set to have a 2.0litre turbocharged engine that squeezes out an extra 10hp on the previous model Golf, which means this model is pushing an impressive 220hp (with the future release “performance pack” offering a 230hp mark).

Doesn’t sound quick enough to you? The Volkswagen Golf GTI is a daily drive, a daily drive that can hit 0-62 in 6.6 seconds. There’s also a top speed of 155mph and that is most certainly not slow for a car that’s ideal use is to get you to and from work. The figures on fuel economy don’t exactly make you cringe either. You can get up to 47.1mpg all this whilst only emitting 140g/km of CO2, which in recent times for a Volkswagen Golf GTI is a fair improvement to keep in front along with the competition.

The performance pack is definitely something worth looking into on the Golf GTI too as a recent timing around the ring has showed superb times of thirteen seconds quicker than the standard model. This Concept  from Volkswagen does just keep sounding better and better when we look at the figures and pictures, all we can hope is that when it is released it lives up to the already high expectations, and they get rid of the plaid interior!

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