October 10, 2012

MX-5 gets BBR package

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When choosing a car that you think is going to be reliable, stylish and quick, the Mazda MX-5 is usually one of the first cars that pop up on that list. Now for those looking to add that extra bit of speed, the performance package creators BBR have got their hands on yet another MX-5 model looking to carry on a long line of impressive MX-5 enhancements.

BBR have built up a sterling reputation over the years for building some of the greatest performance packages on the market, and it looks like they have pulled another one out of the bag with the supercharger that is being added to the next batch of MX-5’s. With an estimated 220hp over the original specs 126hp you can already see there’s a huge gap in performance. That’s not all just from a supercharger of course, there’s a new intake manifold originally designed by Cosworth, high-flow injectors, uprated hoses, an intercooler, and the firm’s StarChip ECU remap. These alone are enough to make any car enthusiasts heart race with excitement.

With a 2006 Mazda MX-5 costing as little as £5000 these days it’s probably a bit worrying to most people that the cost of the first stage of this conversion is going to cost around £5995, nonetheless however, this is going to be a worth while investment. The second stage will cost you a little more with a price tag of £7674 with even more increase in the power to be expected as you push out 234hp. All in all we would say that BBR getting hold of yet another Mazda MX-5 can only be a good thing because once again performance is boosted, along with fuel economy and fun. Our verdict? If you have the opportunity to have a Mazda Mx-5 in your life, get it, then Add the BBR Package to it.

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