October 17, 2012

Bentley GT back in Motorsport

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In recent times Bentley have produced some great road cars and among the best was the Bentley Continental GT speed. As a road car you couldn’t ask for much more in either performance or design, it was a truly great looking car that drove like a dream too. It seems as though Bentley have decided that it is time to push the boundaries out a little bit as they have now designed the Continental GT3 to take on the likes of Audi, Porsche and Mercedes..on the track!

The Continental GT3 concept car was revealed to crowds at the Paris motor show and I don’t know of any bad words said, that may be down to how mean this Bentley is looking. With a beautifully designed front end that is a dream aero-dynamically, to the rear wing that wouldn’t look out of place on a jet, this masterpiece is certainly a great production from Bentley. The only thing we are left wondering as we look at this car is how much weight it will have lost to take to the competition on the track, because it is no secret that the road car, despite all it’s under bonnet power, was a little on the heavy side.

With Bentley not budging an inch on which engine is going into the Continental GT3, all we can do is guess what they might use. Odds are on the new V8 turbo which is primarily what other manufacturers are using on this class of car, but there is also speculation to Bentley using a W12. We can only fathom that this an option purely down to the fact that despite the loss of a substantial amount of weight needing to be lost, bosses are saying it isn’t as great a loss as we would think. By the time we actually see this car on the track there’s no doubt you would have forgotten this article as it will not be until the season of 2014. Be that as it may we are genuinely excited for this car as we haven’t seen a Bentley on the track since winning the Le Mans 24 hour race in 2003, and seeing as this Bentley Continental GT3 is just being used as a soild foundation for Bentley’s long term motorsport plans I think there’s plenty of room to be excited for what the future holds.

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