October 16, 2012

Audi R8’s creeping out of the shadows

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With high powered cars being produced all over the place by the top dogs, it was starting to overshadow the Audi R8 and Audi needed to think up something quick to lead that market once more. With Audi’s ability to produce some of the finest cars in design and performance, you knew it wouldn’t be long before they attempted a newer version of the R8 in order to take that crown back.

The new Audi R8 V10 plus shows a real statement of intent with an extra 25hp on the standard R8 V10 model and is ripping the road apart to make 0-60 in a seriously scary 3.5seconds. At top speed you will reach 197mph and in order to slow down you will be supplied with ceramic discs, other R8’s in the range will have the lighter ventilated steel discs. In order to make this range of Audi R8’s perform better than the last, Audi have come up with a newer and quicker transmission system. Replacing the old R Tronic is the new S Tronic twin clutch transmission that allows you to glide through the seven speed gear box with ease, enabling you to glide to the top speeds the R8 has to offer.

Audi have gone for the traditionally subtle face lifts on the new range and in all honesty, with a car as beautiful as the R8  why would you need to change much. You get a new grille and bumper with LED’s standard on all the models in the range, which is about it unless you go for the R8 V10 plus which comes with slight changes to exterior parts such as the front splitter and mirror housings etc. Audi have decided to update the inside with newer, more efficient technology that looks a hell of a lot better incorporated with the new leather you sink into.

With the new Audi R8 V10 plus pushing out over 550hp and 398lb ft, and prices starting at £91,575  it looks like Audi really could take the lead once more.

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