October 17, 2012

Mercedes CLS 63 Shooting Brake Take 2

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In the words of Ola Kallenius, Chairman of Mecedes-AMG GmbH, “the combination of performance, style and usability is unique”. What he is referring to would be the new Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake, the latest of the AMG family set for release onto the roads of the world. A sportier model than the previous CLS,  yet it still has the same drive train to support it.

The 5.5litre twin-turbo V8 CLS will be paired with the AMG MCT 7-speed automatic transmission which when set at its least performance like state will still churn out 525bhp and 516lp ft. However, a performance pack from Mercedes known to be named the “Edition 1” version will push out up to 557bhp and 590lb ft with 0-62mph taking a mere 4.2 seconds, unfortunately though the Mercedes will be electronically limited to 155mph. With stats like these it’s always handy to know that you can look for performance car insurance through ourselves.

Running costs will be the let down on this Mercedes, with a small 27.9mpg and CO2 emissions of 235g/km. If you do however have the financial means to support the CLS AMG 63 then for style and performance we don’t see much better on the market, however at the price you’re going to be paying (£83,000) then you’d expect more from the Mercedes, a hell of a lot more. The CLS AMG 63 shooting brake isn’t quite the complete car you’d like, main criticism aimed towards the gearbox. The multi clutch transmission just not offering enough when switched to sport plus mode where it lacks speed in shifting when compared to similar cars around the market.

All in all Mercedes have created a great car in the CLS AMG 63 Shooting brake that will not always feel as though it has let you down as you ride with comfort and in luxury on your day to day travels. As performance car insurance goes, this would be a car that would be a delight to speak to a client about.

Here at Keith Michaels we relish the opportunity to speak to our clients about performance car insurance and over the years we have gained experience all over the market and we are more than capable of offering competitive Mercedes AMG car insurance quotes. For your quote please call us today.