October 30, 2012

Focus ST Cosworth at SEMA 2012

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With the SEMA Show of 2012 coming up it seems that there is set to be a reunion that petrol heads all over the UK are getting slightly giddy about. It was confirmed that the teams of Ford and Cosworth would once again be joining forces to create a car that would not only perform well on a track with serious power, but also economically with the same 2.0litre EcoBoost engine from the current ST being used.

Cosworth, who have also put some power into the concept named “velocity” by Hyundai, have had help from M&J Enterprises as well as the Ford Racing team in order to increase the power of the Focus ST massively, and we mean massively. From the standard Focus ST you would expect to get around about the 252hp and be pretty happy with that, however it seems that Ford Racing and Cosworth weren’t. The expected power of this Focus ST is around the 330hp mark and we suspect that it is a massive turbo that will be allowing this increase. With the suspension being replaced with Ford racing components and the wheels being Cosworth RS2000’s which will be wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero tyres, you can expect that this wont just be fast but it will stick to the road as you floor it into each corner.

With Ford and Cosworths history over the years, there is just cause for enthusiasts becoming excited at this news, just look at they cars the couple have produced previously. There was the Ford Escort RS Cosworth that in 1992 when it was originally released was a serious piece of car that allowed for all kinds of tuning and modifications to be added. Then before that you had the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth which again has been a favorite among Ford modders who like to get the most out of their car. It is a partnership that gets people excited for a reason, the same reason in fact that we are genuinely excited for the reveal of the Focus ST Cosworth, because you know what you are getting and you know it won’t disappoint. Add to that the fact you can tune these cars to be more exciting than Christmas to a ten year old, you have something special that will be cherished for years to come.

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