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92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone


The Toyota Celica had a 36 year run from 1970 to 2006 and has become a byword for reliability and performance. Grey imports only really started to bring over the Mk IV version (1985 to 1989) from Japan although few of these cars exist today. The car has kept a very loyal following to this day, especially the earlier models.

Toyota Celica MK 5

It was in 1989 with the introduction of the Mk V version that the Celica started to make a large presence on the UK roads. The cars were supplied new in the UK but a large number were also imported from Japan as grey imports. This was the more rounded body shape and was far more of a drivers car. The Celica GT4 was the car to have and with a power output of up the 230bhp meant it had the performance to match. We insure many Celicas under our Toyota insurance schemes and a large amount are based around the GT4 or standard cars that have been modified to some extent.

Toyota Celica MK 6

The Mk VI car which appeared in 1989 was much more along the lines of the Toyota Supra shape, especially the front end. The rally racing derived  GT4 now produced 250bhp and was firmly in the marketplace of the Impreza and Lancer Evo. A large number of Celica GTs have been modified and we are very happy to quote for these. Our Celica insurance schemes take these modifications into account and will not necessarily mean an increase to the premium. Unlike many cars of this era, the Celica has proved to be an extremely reliable machine as is the trademark of Toyota.

Toyota Celica MK 7

1999 saw a completely new body shape in the form of the MK VII version. This new model was a departure from the previous hardcore models and was much more of an everyday usable car. The VVTi and GT models both came with 1.8 litre engines which produced between 140 and 190bhp. Fuel mileage and reliability were again excellent, and as expected, many exist in great condition today.

We at Keith Michaels are especially well known for our Japanese Import car insurance and we are keen to cover the earlier models of the Toyota Celica using these schemes.

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