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92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone


Honda S2000 Insurance

Introduced in 2000 to celebrate Honda’s 50th birthday, the Honda S2000 had a fantastic 10 year production run of over 100,000 vehicles. Such was its popularity that the killer blow only came about because of the crash in the motor industry following the recession of 2009. The S2000 has now firmly established itself as an icon and one that we have provided Honda insurance for many years. Honda S2000 insurance is perfect for experienced drivers who have a proven track record.

Unlike many models with a 10 year run, the Honda S2000 remained very much the same with a couple of minor adjustments. The car is essentially a 2 seat, 2.0 litre, rear wheeled drive convertible, with drive via a 6 speed gearbox. Between 240 and 250 bhp was incredible at the time for a normally aspirated engine and it was this that marked the S2000 apart from such cars as the Mazda MX5.

Honda S2000 Updates

An original suspension set-up was used for the Honda S2000 which gave a level of oversteer that was ‘interesting’ in the wrong hands. 2004 saw the introduction of an amended rear end set-up with different spring rates and shock absorbers. This helped the handling and gave the car a much more neutral feel – surprising for a car with near perfect 50:50 weight distribution.
In typical Honda fashion, any part of the car that was deemed fragile was upgraded, with the final model being one of the best and most reliable on the road. The Honda S2000 has a very large and loyal following in the UK and there are a number of car clubs and forums attached to it. We are very keen to cover the car with our Honda S2000 insurance and are well known within the club community. The car perfectly combines comfort and performance in one package.

This car, especially the earlier models, is for the experienced driver only and we know from previous customers that they have to be driven by people with the right skills. It is not the car to drive straight after passing your driving test! Keith Michaels plc are very well known for Japanese car insurance and would love the opportunity to quote your policy.

Honda S2000 Insurance group

  • Standard 2.0i 2d: 40
  • Standard 2.0i 2d (Alarm): 40
  • GT 2.0i 2d: 40
  • GT 2.0i GT Edition 100 2d: 44

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Honda S2000 Insurance

Honda S2000 Specs

Honda S2000 Performance

Engine: 2157 cc (2.0-litre) 16 Valve
Driven wheels: Rear
Power (bph)240
Torque (ld/ft)153
0 -60 (mph)5.4 seconds
Top Speed (mph)149
Kerb Weight (kg)1288