Car Insurance for South African Drivers in the UK

When moving to the UK from South Africa, the difference in approach to insurance can make it harder for you to get cover. Keith Michaels has vast experience in insurance for those emigrating, especially from South Africa.
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92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone

92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone


Moving to the UK from South Africa? Keith Michaels can help

Aside from the grey weather, lack of regular braais, and Christmas being in winter, moving to the UK from South Africa is a fantastic experience.

Whether you’ve decided to make the UK your permanent home, or are in the UK on long term work contracts. one thing to bear in mind is the requirement for car insurance. Unlike South Africa, where it’s estimated that 65% of motorists have no insurance, in the UK it’s a legal requirement to insure your car.

No History of Insurance in the UK? No Problem

Keith Michaels is a specialist motor insurance broker who provide bespoke schemes for customers who do not have a history of insurance in the UK. Those who have emigrated from South Africa are especially welcome.

Almost all motor insurance in the UK is based on digital data which includes things like your residency status, UK credit history and more. Obviously, this is not something you can provide, and consequently, most insurance outlets will turn down your enquiry.

A specialist broker with experience in South African insurance will individually assess your risks, rather than a computer program, and this way we can offer you a personalised quote.

Import Car Insurance For Your South African Car

South Africans regularly import their cars to the UK as there’s a variety of popular models in SA that don’t exist in the UK.

This is where Keith Michaels come in. We offer specialist import car insurance, and our teams have extensive knowledge of imported cars and connections with underwriters that are second to none.

If your car doesn’t exactly fit UK specifications, such as being modified with turbo to adapt to the thinner air in some places in South Africa like Johannesburg, then insuring it with mainstream car insurance providers can be tricky.

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The Keith Michaels Difference

  • 30 years’ experience
  • Every customer is treated as an individual, not a policy number
  • We are a UK-based office, not a call centre
  • We are completely independent from any insurance company
  • All policies are looked at on their own merits to find you the best policy available

Why Choose Keith Michaels For Car Insurance?

Car Insurance for South African Drivers in the UK

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Car Insurance for South African Drivers in the UK

This Scheme is Perfect for:

  • South Africans moving to the UK
  • South Africans with long term work placements
  • South Africans with dual residency
  • Cars imported from South Africa
Car Insurance for South African Drivers in the UK

Discounts For

  • Foreign NCB accepted
  • Policies available to non-resident clients
  • Previous driving discounts
Car Insurance for South African Drivers in the UK


  • Priority claims management
  • Staff have over 10 years’ expat experience
Car Insurance for South African Drivers in the UK

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South African Immigrant & Long-Term Resident Insurance FAQs

I have No Claims Bonus (NCB) with my South African insurer. Can I transfer it?

Yes. At Keith Michaels, we pride ourselves on accepting foreign NCB. We already accept NCB from countries such as:

  • French NCB (Malus / Bonus)
  • German No Claims Bonus (Schadenfreiheitsrabatt)
  • Spanish No Claims Discount (prima de no reclamación)
  • Chinese NCB (無賠款優待)

We also understand the difference in eligibility for No Claims Bonus. In South Africa, No Claims Bonus is commonly a percentage of your monthly fee paid back after up to three years of no claims. In the UK, No Claims Bonus is a bit different, as it accumulates and transfers between insurers every year, rather than three years.

We can accept No Claims Bonus proof from South Africa, and if that is not available, we can look at your specific driving history and base our quote around that.

If my friends and family come over to visit me, can you cover them?

Whether it’s for a big celebration, or simply a chance to catch up, organising temporary insurance for a friend or relative can be a hassle. Here at Keith Michaels, we work with TempCover to source temporary car insurance, for expats, family and friends.

We offer hours and days policies that are flexible and tailored to your needs. For up to 28 days, we provide temporary car insurance, and any claims won’t affect your NCB.

I’m a huge car enthusiast and will be importing my car. Can you cover it?

Yes, we can. At Keith Michaels, we’re all petrolheads, and know how important cars that you’ve spent time and money on are to their owners.

Check out our Import Insurance Options to see how we can help.

Keith Michaels also offers insurance for many other types of specialist cars, including supercars, modified cars, company cars and more. No matter your circumstances, we work hard to offer you the best cover for your situation.