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MR2 Multi Car Insurance

Multi Car Insurance from Keith Michaels

  • ANY number of vehicles can be insured
  • Single or Multiple policies can be arranged
  • Many discounts including Limited Mileage, Restricted Drivers, Owners Clubs, Security, etc.
  • European cover and Track Day cover available
  • We are a long established UK based company and are NOT a Call Centre
  • Instant cover available
  • Monthly payment options


Multi Car Insurance

Multi-Car Insurance at Keith Michaels can either be a single policy to cover all vehicles with one insurer (similar to a fleet), or a mixture of insurers as it is rare that one company fits all. We will arrange your policy under our ‘umbrella’ and you can chose the same renewal date if you wish.

For example, you may have a Performance carModified carClassic car and a Business vehicle. They may have different drivers for each vehicle, or varying sets of No Claims Bonus. We can arrange various things such as enhancing your bonus, allowing introductory discounts, mirrored bonus, etc. We have insurance underwriters who are very keen to write multi car insurance policies so please do contact us.

Please call us if you have more than one vehicle to insure. Often the 2nd or 3rd cars will cover a limited mileage and we can often get introductory discounts on these. We have been placing Multi Car insurance and Multi Vehicle insurance with companies for many years. As a specialist broker we have all sorts of options for multi car insurance policies:

  • All placed with one insurance company.
  • Split between more than one specialist insurance company but retaining the same renewal date.
  • Insuring in different names but with the same renewal date.
  • Cars and Vans on the same policy.
  • Please call us to discuss your multi car insurance policy and we will aim to get you the best rate and package possible.

At Keith Michaels we have been insuring many vehicles using our specialist car insurance schemes. Most of these are at least 2nd cars and we would be delighted to insure all your vehicles using our multi car insurance schemes.