December 12, 2012

Will there be a new Honda S2000?

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After the reveal of the latest range of Honda’s, The research and development team left us to ponder once again if there was to be a return of the Honda S2000 in the near future. Production was ceased on the rear wheel drive menace back in 2009 so a return in the next few years could really go down a treat with owners of the current Honda S2000’s around. We certainly hope so as we provide so much Honda S2000 insurance.

With the NSX and the Type-R set to come back to the market once more it was clear that when Suehiro Hasshi reached the S2000 on his little list he was eager for this particular Honda to be back on the road, but at the same time there was no confirmation that it would be. Unfortunately there is no plan or even a name to go by as of yet so it is all speculation.

In an ideal world Honda would bring Back the S2000 and they would make it as fun and hair raising to drive as all previous models, but as of yet we have had no confirmation so we can only hope that this is the case. We all know that the S2000 is a car that will live long in the motoring world and we hope that Honda can see it in their hearts to give us yet another piece of kit that will surely tear out of T junctions as you flip the back end out…it’s all we want for Christmas at least!

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