December 12, 2012

Honda still after “ring” record

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Not long ago Honda revealed that there would be another Civic Type-R available for the many thousands of us in the motoring world who love the car so dearly. They also said that this Honda Civic Type-R was going to be the fastest in the hot hatch series around the “ring”.

Although a bold statement from Honda, you feel it is one that they may just follow through on. The Civic Type-R has always been a great car when it comes to performance, and it’s speed has always been an impressive factor within that performance. Top engineers however say that the key to beating the time of eight minutes and eight seconds around the track is not power, but torque. Given the reputation that Honda have for the increased power in all recent Type-R’s that is an odd statement and one again that we look forward to seeing the results of.

Another key factor however is the brakes and tyres as well as the suspension. Recent Type-R’s have been a bit behind the times when it comes to rear suspension with most of the competition using the multi link option, so it would be presumed that they will change this up a tad in order to get weight distribution just right. Or will they? The claims from Honda that this is going to be front wheel drive (the best front wheel drive) would suggest that they have faith in all that is installed in the undercover model and they will not be changing the set up behind it.

Whether Honda can get the set up of the latest Type-R is the biggest deciding factor in what will be a closely watched lap (especially by the Renault team) and we hope that after all the talk behind the latest model they can pull it off because the Civic will always be a car that sits in the mind of petrol heads the world over.

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