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92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone


The Honda Civic Type R is the performance model of the Honda range that was produced between 1998 and 2011. A specially tuned engine, stiffened body, uprated suspension and brakes, plus a distinctive interior, have all given the Civic Type R a large following here in the UK. We are very well known around the car clubs and forums for Civic Type R insurance and would be delighted for you to call us for a quote.

Civic Type R 2001 – 2005

The first Civic to get the R badge was introduced in 1998 and produced 185 bhp from its 1.6 litre engine – a very impressive feat for a car back then. Hardly any of these cars exist today so it is the 2nd generation car we concentrate on. Built in England and made with a 2.0 litre V-Tec engine that pushed out 200bhp, this car with its close ratio gearbox proved to be a huge hit. The car won a large number of plaudits such as awards from Top Gear, Which Car and Fifth Gear to name a few. Due to the engineering and build quality of the car, many exist today and are covered by our Honda insurance. A very large number of these cars have had some kind of modification and we are happy with this, whether it be an ecu change, right up to near full race spec. Please call us for a quote.

Civic Type R 2007 – 2011

A completely new body shape was introduced for the 2007 car and immediately impressed all who saw it. The drive train was largely the same as the outgoing model and also retained the superb high revving V-Tec engine which has proved so reliable. The UK car is slightly down on power compared to the Japanese version but this can easily be rectified with an ECU remap. The Civic Type R has retained a very large following in the UK, with a significant number being covered by our Honda insurance.

Of course the ultimate purchase would be the very limited edition Civic Type R Mugen but these are extremely rare!

The Civic Type R was a UK built and supplied car but we are also very well known for our Japanese car insurance and Japanese Import car insurance policies.

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