December 7, 2012

Audi RS6 takes on V8

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With the new Audi RS6 set for release well into the year of 2013, the latest information on the vehicle reveals that Audi have opted out of the V10 from the current model in order to make room for a lighter, faster V8 that is set to increase Audi’s already sterling reputation.

A return the V8 twin turbo will see Audi take the RS6 back to it’s roots with the Cosworth built engine from the first generation pulling the newly, reduced in weight, model. The new V8 doesn’t pack as much punch as the previous RS6’s V10 with the BHP dropping from 579 to 560 which is still impressive, but not only that the torque on the newer model has been increased from 470lp ft to 516lb ft allowing the latest RS6 to be the first to hit 0-62 in under four seconds with an impressive 3.9 seconds. Top speed will be restricted to 155mph though should you go for the optional Dynamic tuning package you will reach 174mph and the Dynamic Plus increasing that again to 189mph.

The car will switch it’s way through the gears with an eight speed gearbox of which Audi have decided not to use the DSG box due to ZF’s work on the transmission allowing for better performance suited to the RS6. The Audi RS6 will now feature the air suspension which will adapt itself depending on the road conditions and style in which the car is being driven and also allows for a 20mm lowering of the body should you need to (although the traditional Audi Suspension set up will still be available for customers who prefer it).

A lot of focus is on the chassis of the new RS6 in order to improve the driving experience of each and every driver rather than stiffening it up again to offer greater performance. Inside is as you would expect with top of the range interior offering the likes of leather, sports seats and gadgets that are sure to impress a number of gadget friendly drivers the world over. Prices are expected to be slightly more than maybe expected with models starting at around £77,000,  a bit more than most budgets will allow for an everyday car, but nonetheless this is yet again an impressive Audi that is sure to make a name for itself in a number of motorist groups.

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