December 13, 2012

BMW 4 series “concept”

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With the recent leak of BMW 4 series pictures, we have to say we are impressed. A sporty and aggressive looking replacement for the 3 series, is as good a replacement as anybody could ever have designed.

After the official unveiling of the 4 series in Munich, BMW will surely be happy with the results of the “concept” car as everybody we have heard from only has good things to say about the latest in the range. Mechanically we can not see there being much difference but the styling of the 4 series is a lot sharper than the previous model 3 series, a trait that BMW have always had as they progress from series to series. The new BMW 4 series is definitely a car that screams power with it’s looks and we can only assume the power will match to keep owners of the previous 3 series happy as they progress again into the ever evolving BMW coupe/saloon.

With the release of the 4 series imminent you can only assume that this is the end of the 3 series. A sad thing to say, but is there going to be any space at BMW for them? it is clear that BMW are moving on to the next stage and leaving behind the 3 series would only be natural if that really is the case. Be that the case or not, we are excited to see just what the 4 series will have to offer…if it ever gets out of the “concept” stage that is.

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