December 13, 2012

Porsche GT3 Cup

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With the 2013 Super car series set to be one of the most competitive yet, Porsche have revealed the car that they will be sending out in order to try and hold off all other competitors, the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.

With the RSR version of the 911 set to be used in the 2013 Le Mans, the research and development boss at Porsche confirmed that it will be using the old Mexger flat six 3.8 litre engine due to its strong performance and reliability, a suggestion perhaps that it will also feature in the 911 GT3 Cup also? with a gain of 10hp on the previous Cup car’s 450hp at 7,500rpm you can certainly see the intentions of Porsche with the latest 911 venture. With the road car set to also use the old Mezger engine (fine tuned for legal reasons of course) it is no wonder that petrol heads around the world have always been such fans of the 911 GT series, this is something we hope that Porsche continue to improve as it would be a crying shame should the heritage of the 911 suffer due to the increasing amount of changes being suggested. One thing we certainly pray doesn’t come along is sacrificing the current set up to make room for a DFI flat six.

Upgrades made to the vehicle were few and far between with what Porsche would actually reveal for us, but we do have a good idea that the 911 GT3 Cup will handle better with wider tyres, 20mm at the front and 10mm at the rear which should really up the levels of grip. The other upgrades include better brakes and an all new safety cage. We have heard nothing of the suspension as of yet but works driver Timo Bernhard did get time to tell us “The new 911 GT3 Cup is much easier to drive at the limit, the new axle geometry is enormously positive for the handling. Apart from that the new Cup 911 is great fun to drive.” Suggestions again that Porsche may feel the key to victory for the Super cup this year will crucially come down to the handling as apposed to the power pushing it round the track.

With Porsche’s history of  911’s and the sheer coolness that oozes from the GT3 Cup, you can expect that Porsche will reach all expectations next year whether it be the Super cup or the Le Mans. We certainly hope that this 911 GT3 Cup can live up to the hype so we have yet another Porsche to watch in awe as we prepare for another year of motoring greatness.

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