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What Vehicle Modifications Will Void A Car Warranty?

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What Vehicle Modifications Will Void A Car Warranty?

If you are a car enthusiast keen to modify your new car, you may be wondering what modifications you can make without voiding your car warranty. While it’s commonly believed that any modification will automatically void a warranty, this isn’t actually the case. There are various aftermarket modifications that can be made which will not affect your warranty coverage. However, certain upgrades could also cost you.

Read on to find out exactly what car modifications will void a car warranty and which ones can be carried out without affecting your cover.

Modifications That Will Void Car Warranty

If you choose to modify your new car, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll lose your warranty coverage. However, if your car experiences parts failure as a result of the modification or aftermarket parts installation, it’s within the dealer or car maker’s right to void the warranty for that part. This means you will have to pay for the repairs yourself.

If the dealer cannot prove that the modification was responsible for the parts failure, you will be refunded for the repairs and your car warranty will remain intact. In some cases however, it’s not possible to prove whether or not the modifications contributed to the failure of specific car parts. If this happens, it is unlikely the dealer will be willing to pay for a completely new part if there’s any chance its failure is linked to aftermarket add-ons.

Due to this, it is best if you take careful measures when modifying your car. Try to avoid major performance modifications and ensure trickier aftermarket parts installations are carried out by a competent engineer. Just be prepared to lose your warranty if anything goes wrong after these parts are added.

Safe Car Modifications To Protect Your Warranty

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Due to the nature of car modifications, most cannot be classed as increasing safety. Despite this, there are modifications that can be made which are less likely to lead to complications or parts failure which could void your vehicle warranty. These include:

  • Upgraded wheels – Changes to wheels and tyres can instantly upgrade the style and performance of your vehicle without causing any potential issues with your warranty. Just make sure your wheels are approved by the manufacturer and provide good clearance between tyre and bodywork.
  • Manufacturer upgrades – Some car dealers sell aftermarket add-ons and parts. Although they may be expensive to have installed, you can rest assured that your warranty is still be completely intact following the modifications.

Car Modifications and Insurance

It is also important to ensure any car modifications are reported to your insurer, as they can pose a greater risk of accident or theft. Failing to declare your modifications to your insurance provider will lead to the invalidation of your policy.

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