June 29, 2022

Top UK Drift Tracks

From Teesside to Three Sisters, we’ve compiled some of the top UK drift tracks that you can skid in to your heart’s desire! Read our latest blog today.
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Calling all drift connoisseurs, we’ve rounded up some of the top UK drifting destinations!  

Whether you’re new to drifting or a seasoned pro, finding places to test your skills is tricky as many tracks will only offer limited drifting sessions. That’s why we wanted to round up some of the best places you can take your drifting skills.  

Remember, if you are heading out to drift, you’ll need to get proper track day car insurance, as otherwise you won’t be covered if something goes wrong. Gary Moulson, our modified and performance car expert, organises track day insurance and he’ll probably be able to give you a tip or two about some of the tracks here in the UK. 

So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here’s some of the top drift tracks in the UK!  

UK Drift Tracks 

1. Oulton Park  

Based in Cheshire, Oulton Park has been a staple in British motorsport for over 60 years. Once a month, they run a wet grip drifting day for drifters to take to Oulton Park’s two purpose built tarmac rally stages. Running from 9-5, with a break for lunch, it’s an open pit lane style day, which makes for an enjoyable time.  

Drift Skill Level: Anything but novices. Instructors are on hand to help with your skill, but too much spinning out will be frowned upon. 

Cost: £139 for the full day 

License requirements: Your normal car licence (unrestricted only) or your Motorsport UK Race Interclub (National B) (or higher) race licence.  

Under 18s allowed? Anyone aged 16-18 must book by phone and have their car and licence approved in advance. Those aged 15 to 16 must also phone in advance and meet the additional requirements

Noise Limits: 105dB(A) static, 92dB(A) drive-by. 

Spectators: Free, unless otherwise specified.  

2. Ringwood Raceway

Ringwood Raceway is a popular track to watch UK motorsports as well as regular Wednesday night practices. These are open to a huge variety of car types, including drifters. You’ll have the team on hand to help, and it’s always a friendly atmosphere. The below information is for their Wednesday night practices. 

Drift Skill Level: All kinds, unless specified on their Facebook.  

Cost: £30 per driver  

License requirements: Not known 

Under 18s allowed? For some formulas, best to check with Craig (track owner) before you arrive.  

Noise limits:  Not known 

Noise limits:  Not known 

Spectators: Depending on whether there are other events going on, there can sometimes be a spectator cost, but it’s normally minimal.  

3. Birmingham Wheels Park 

Currently under threat from Birmingham City Council, Birmingham Wheels Park is a popular track that is sadly not available for use at the minute.  

However, it is a fantastic drift track to learn to drift on with rally stage tracks, regular instructor visits, as well as intermediate days. You can learn more about the fight to save Birmingham Wheels here. 

4. Buxton Raceway 

Famed by drifting lovers, Buxton Raceway run both drift practice days and drift competitions. It’s a simple oval track, but one that is perfect to hone your skills on.  

In October, they’re hosting Round 5 of the British Drift Championship, so you know it’s a good track! 

Drift Skill Level: On drift days, anything goes, unless specified. 

Cost: From £40, although cost can vary depending on the day. 

License requirements: Not known 

Under 18s allowed? Please check with the organisers. 

Noise Limit: Not known

5. Driftland  

We couldn’t have a top UK drift tracks piece and not mention Driftland, which is the first dedicated drift track in the UK! 

With a configurable track based on the type of event, the track has been designed to feature some of the best drifting configurations in the UK.  

Drift Skill Level: There are separate days for beginners and open practice days.  

Cost: £80 for open practice days, £35 for a two-hour beginner session. 

Licence requirements: If you have never held a UK DVLA licence, then you must complete a minimum of three hours driving on the track to demonstrate proficiency. This can be replaced by a Driftland licence at a cost of £36 if there is experience shown, such as competition experience or previous training.

Under 18s allowed? As per the licence requirements and with advanced booking.  

Noise limit: 102dB tested at static 

Spectators: For most events, costs are as follows:  

Adults £12 (12yrs upwards) 

Child £5 (5-11yrs) 

Under 5s free 

6. Santa Pod Raceway Drift What Ya Brung (DWYB) 

Santa Pod is a huge raceway in UK motorsports and is host to a wide variety of racing types. They regularly hold DWYB days for beginner, intermediate and advanced drifters at the same time. There’s tuition available, and it’s always a good day out. Twinning is allowed but you have to prove your competency as a solo driver first.

Drift Skill Level: Any!

Cost: £110 per driver for one day.

Licence Requirements: Full UK

Under 18s allowed? Must be the holder of a full UK driving licence, but yes.

Noise limit: 105dB

Spectators: from £10.

7. Teesside Automotive

Teesside are one of the biggest drift tracks in the UK and offer everything from drifting tuition to drifting practice days! Teesside Drifting run the drifting days, and they’re hugely popular and well-run events.

At Teesside, you’ve got the famous South Bank Bend, which is sure to test your drifting skills! They’re also the birthplace of the British Drift Championship in 2008, so you’re driving on heritage.

Drift Skill Level: Everything but novices, as it can get competitive.

Cost: £90 per car with one driver

Licence Requirements: Either full UK DVLA orAn MSA race licence and experience in Motorsports combined with tuition days at PH Drift and/or a personal reference from Yohann at PH Drift – made prior to the practice day to Kat at Teesside Karting.”

Under 18s allowed?: As per licence requirements, yes.

Noise Requirements: Not known

Spectators: Free

8. Three Sisters Circuits

Three Sisters Circuit is a complex circuit with plenty of twists and turns! It’s also home to one of the British Drift Championship events this year and is popular from novices to beginners. Since 2015, Three Sisters have been hosting regular drift days which are well respected locally.

Drift Skill Level: There’s two drift level days, novice and big boys, so choose accordingly. Three Sisters offer a RDX Academy drift school, which is recommend for complete beginners!

Cost: Novice at £85 for the day, Big Boy’s at £99 for the day.

Licence Requirements: Unless agreed prior, all drivers must have a full valid driving licence.

Under 18s allowed? Unless agreed in writing prior, no.

Noise Limit: 105dB static, 95 dB drive by

Spectators: Welcome, cost depending on day.

Which Drift Track Will You Be Trying?

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