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Gary Moulson - Account Manager



With 20 years of industry experience, I joined Keith Michaels in 2003 after coming from a previous insurer and have always specialised in performance and modified cars.

I’m a fellow car enthusiast, having driven and owned performance Vauxhalls from the age of 18 before moving on to Japanese cars in 2004. I have owned three Imprezas, and currently drive a Lancer Evo 6 or a Megane RS250 CUP. I have also built a Clio track car, which I test on the track regularly, and have even entered Time Attack.

Passionate about what’s in my own garage, my hobby for track days gives me the opportunity to test myself as a mechanic and an enthusiast. You can often find me in my Megane doing laps. Outside of work, when not fixing, modifying or driving cars, I enjoy spending time with my wife and Dachshund.

My history with performance cars means that I fully relate to people who modify their vehicle and enjoy the benefits of owning such a car. I am a relatable enthusiast who, like my clients, also spends effort, time and money on his cars, making sure they get the care they deserve.

As a proud enthusiast, the insurers I deal with know me well as a fellow car enthusiast and appreciate that I have an understanding of specialist motor insurance. They trust my judgement as to who I recommend to them as customers and I continue to have very close relationships with all parties. This means that, at Keith Michaels, I’m able to find the most appropriate policies for us car fans.