May 29, 2012

Subaru Impreza R205

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Our friends at Pistonheads are running an article about the Subaru Impreza S205 above and we are very happy to say that we insure this actual car via our Subaru Impreza insurance

This is one of the Japanese ‘Specials’ that they keep for their home market, but it has managed to find its way over here, which is excellent. From the outside it looks much like a normal STi but under the bonnet lives the high revving 2.0 litre JDM engine. The extras on this car are shall we say, extensive, and include twin-scroll turbo, Torsen rear diff, aluminium bonnet, etc, etc.

Originally coming in with 320bhp this one has about 400 and follows the line of one off special Imprezas, starting with the S201 and currently sitting at S206. Long may Subaru continue with these cars which we love to insure. A list of our Subaru insurance ‘specials’ can be found here. At £40,000 we reckon this is a good bet especially when comparing the price of equivalent vehicles.

We could go on and on about this car, and for those who want some more information then the original article can be found here.