May 29, 2012

Performance Volvo to take on BMW M3?

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Volvo has got together with its tuning partner, Polestar Performance, and aims to produce the first performance Volvo to come out of Sweden in years. We would love to see another car for our performance car insurance as you have to go back to the 850 T5 for the last proper one!

Polestar were responsible for the wonderful C30 concept car a couple of years back and hopefully they have been able to persuade Volvo that it is about time they re-entered the performance car market. This new model is based on the S60 and will rival both the BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 AMG, both of which we currently cover under our performance car insurance.

Volvo have a stock of engines left over from Yamaha and the rumour is that these will be the base for a V8 400 bhp motor under the bonnet – we do hope so. This is the same engine that Noble uses as the base for the one in its M600 car!