May 28, 2012

BMW Zagato Coupe Concept

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Zagato and BMW have both designed a beautiful looking coupe which we believe is based on the BMW Z4 chassis. As it is a concept car none of the usual regulations apply, such as passenger and pedestrian safety, but we think it would be great if they put in the investment and produced something like this to fruition.

The car does have the typical BMW elements – twin round headlamps, kidney grill, and Zagoto ones – double bubble roof. Apparently this makes the body more rigid but also allows the wearing of helmets that much easier, although we are not sure how many would actually make it onto the track should something like it be produced.

We think the side profile is very Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and we of course have no problem with that – both models are more than welcome onto out performance car insurance. There is no official response as to whether the car will actually make it into production, but we would love to see something similar in the BMW line-up.