March 30, 2012

Subaru Impreza P1

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It’s more than 12 years now since the Subaru P1 first appeared and it’s a measure of how far things have come since that you can get an all-wheel-drive Golf with nearly as much power as the P1’s official 280hp.  But with hot hatches getting hotter and the arrival of cars like the 370Z and Cayman, the niche inhabited by Imprezas and Evos has got smaller and smaller. Keith Michaels have been insuring these cars for all that time and are now recognised as being on of the best brokers for Subaru Impreza insurance.

And though the P1 is little over a decade old, the classic Impreza dates back almost twice that – getting into one today it feels truly like a car from another era. A recent one, admittedly, but definitely from a slightly different age. Limited Mileage car insurance policies are now the norm for the P1 as most are treated as Cherished Cars and cover low mileages each year.

Creating the P1 meant losing some of the JDM Type R STI’s fancier bits, the adjustable centre diff among them. But, strictly limited 22B UK aside, this was the first two-door Impreza you could buy officially in the UK, instantly elevating the P1 above regular saloons and wagons. Most Subarus now have some sort of modification and again this is an area in which we excel – Modified car insurance, especially modified subaru insurance.

An Impreza is about grip, of course, but the P1 doesn’t forget tactility and an ability to entertain. And it sounds brilliantly raw, the Scorpion exhaust on this example giving just the perfect amount of trademark flat-four warble.

Like any classic Impreza, you want to get it turned in before you really get on the power and, though fast enough to respond, the front end has never been the old Scooby’s strongest point. Once pointing the right direction you can really lean on it hard and a settled Subaru is a very, very rapid one.

Our Subaru car insurance and Subaru Impreza insurances take into account that your car is your passion, will be treated accordingly, and will cover relatively few miles during the year. You are as important to us as the car you drive and at Keith Michaels we award the experienced driver. Please call us today for your Subaru Impreza P1 insurance.

The above is based on an article from Pistonheads (thank you to then for permission) – the full details can be found here.