March 29, 2012

Toyota GT86 or Subaru BRZ?

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The question is which is which and which one would you chose to

purchase? The Toyota is the one we are hearing about most with the Subaru being largely under the radar but we predict a real battle taking place in the near future. Originally the concept was for a full joint venture but now partners have become rivals!

Toyota claim the product planning and design process, from conception right through to production and marketing. Both Toyota and Subaru are stressing the differences in the cars, suspension, handling, springs, etc. But we know that the car will eventually reach its loyal market – the Toyota GT86 will go to those who perceive the brand reliability, the Subaru BRZ to the long established Subaru fan club. We will be arranging both Toyota GT86 insurance and Subaru BRZ insurance schemes alongside our well established Japanese Import car insurance policies.

But then one day someone comes along and makes a race version which has to be one of the finest cars around and will no doubt get them all flocking to buy the Subaru version. If only they could make it for the road! We know which vote our current Subaru car insurance customers will go. Please follow this link for information on our Japanese car insurance schemes.