October 31, 2012

Subaru BRZ to be given a turbo?

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With the original plans for the Subaru BRZ having stiff competition from the Toyota GT86, it seemed only a matter of time before the Subaru team pulled something out of the bag. This time around that “something” was a turbocharger for the already quick base model Subaru BRZ.

With the original BRZ giving an impressive 200hp and handling as well as you’d expect any Impreza to, the turbocharger will increase power to a massive 280hp. This is a real statement of intent from the Subaru team as it will probably get up the noses of the guys and girls developing the already impressive Toyota GT86, who we already know have made plans to improve the handling, weight and styling of what can be hailed as one of the cars of the year.

This then adds the question, what other options are there for the Subaru BRZ? With years of experience over at Subaru we know they have the brains to pull off a seriously impressive piece of kit that will have no trouble rivaling the Toyota variant, but what will it be that sets these two cars apart. Obviously there is a massive following for the Subaru badge so there will be plenty of aftermarket opportunities for the tuners currently out there looking at the BRZ, Is this going to be enough for them to pull away from the competition or will they need that little bit extra in order to keep their stand at the top of the performance car category?

It’s not necessarily power that we are talking here either. Subaru have made a habit over the years of producing great cars that not only pack the power but can hold their own when it comes to the twists and turns that are on offer. This again is where we question where the two cars will differ as it looks like Toyota have gone for packages that will increase handling and decrease weight in order to make a name for themselves in this department as well as offering minor exhaust and air filter tuning that will of course add to the already tailored power. Nevertheless this is a competition we will relish keeping track of as it is sure to be one that will have petrol heads worldwide arguing to and fro about which one is leading the market as the new performance car.

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