November 6, 2012

Ford Falcon GT – Fastest ever?

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Much like rivals Vauxhall, Ford have their own projects going on in Australia and the company Ford Performance Vehicles have come up with what they claim is the fastest ever Ford Falcon GT. With claims like that it certainly made our ears perk up.

Ford claim that the Falcon GT will have 455hp and 420lb ft of torque to propel it forward and we can see how that would do so at an exhilarating speed. There isn’t much being leaked with regards to 0-62mph but we estimate a time of under five seconds at least. Not only is it the speed of the Ford that gets us excited, but the look of the car too. This car has to be one of the coolest looking Ford’s for a very long time and pictures suggest that no matter where you look on the vehicle you’re going to be impressed. Then there’s the code name “Panther” that the Australian company have tagged this model with, it just gets cooler by the minute.

Whatever speeds or times this Ford produces we are happy to see that the team have stuck with a V8 engine despite the fact that all over the world everybody is doing their utmost to make sure that the mileage and emissions head line at any sales pitch. Unfortunately V8’s like this will never be what they once were as far as sales and popularity are concerned and hearing from Ford’s petrol head himself confirmed this with him saying “The death of the V8 has been over-publicised in the past but it could almost be on its last hurrah now. I think it (V8) will be a niche. I can’t see manufacturers investing in new V8 designs with the scales of sales that are available. We will see evolution of existing ones possibly, but there will be very few new engines in the market.”

As sad as it is to hear, the man is right. Still though there is lots of promising news out there in the motoring world and eventually I hope to see a change in focus for the future where there are big engines running wild around the streets once more.

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