January 31, 2013

Subaru BRZ Goes on The Milk Run

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With Toyota having a recent ad banned in the UK you will struggle to find any manufacturers promoting how fun the latest cars can be. That means that Subaru were going to find it very hard to show off the BRZ when a pretty timid video from their rivals was accused of promoting speed and reckless driving when really that wasn’t the case whatsoever. Sad though it may be, restrictions will always be made in order to try and neuter the petrol headed society.

Although we may not see advertising push the Subaru BRZ to it’s limits, Spanish advertisers weren’t going to hold back and having watched the latest BRZ ad from across the way we have to say it does bring out the kid in us. Ok it’s not the greatest ad, and there could have been a touch of editing here and there, but it’s a driver enjoying the capabilities of his Subaru BRZ in the simplest of tasks, getting the milk.

Take a glimpse at the video below and you will see a pretty extreme trip to the shops that, if we were to get the BRZ, we would certainly love to make..every day. Another shining example from Subaru that they can still make a seriously impressive car and that the BRZ is every bit of car you would want it to be.

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