January 24, 2013

Ford Reveal Price of New Fiesta ST

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After Ford Revealed there was to be another range of Fiesta ST’s available it was certainly an announcement that was to go down well with motorists all over the UK. Now that we know the prices Ford are planning to shift these at it only makes us want one more.

£16,995 means the latest in the range of Performance cars from Ford is set to be cheaper than the likes of Seat and Mini’s options, a factor that could see a lot of Fiesta ST’s hitting the streets come spring time. Price is not the only weapon in Fords armory either as this could possibly be one of the better looking of the small hot hatches too! As there is only going to be a three door version in the UK you can expect the usual Fiesta ST look that allows for sleek and somewhat cute curves along with the traditionally bulky look.

Not only can you expect good looks and cheap price from Ford for the Fiesta ST, you also have impressive performance too. Ford confirmed previously that the Fiesta would run on the 1.6 EcoBoost engine and the Fiesta ST is no different, although as expected it will be turbo charged to allow for 180hp and 177lp ft which allows 0-60mph in just under seven seconds and top speeds of around 136! It looks as though Ford could be onto a real winner this year as the Fiesta ST really looks to impress alongside the Focus ST and we for one think they may just top the pile, hurry up Spring!

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