December 28, 2012

Nostalgic Nissan Skyline

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Another Video, another Nissan. This time it was the turn of the classic Skyline to take the lead as the boys over at Depth Of Speed/Petrolicious got their cameras out to create some awesome footage capable of shutting even us up for a good five minutes.

The Skyline bloodline goes back a few years now and as one of the truly beautiful motoring breakthroughs we still see a strong fan base for them. Whether you prefer the old school look of the C110 or the more animal like side of the new GT-R, Nissan Skylines will always be hot contenders for the best performance cars around.

In the video below we hear the roar of a young Skyline that may not match the likes of some of the later models, but with a growl like this you always knew there would be something special in store for the Nissan Skyline

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